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About Us

Maracas Bay Agri Tourism Park is Trinidad's newest outdoor attraction. We are dedicated to presenting the various kinds of agriculture along with the flora and fauna of Trinidad and Tobago. We cater to tourists and locals simultaneously; creating a unique and multicultural setting that is an interesting and beneficial learning experience for all. The park is one minute away from Maracas Beach, making it an excellent place for tourists to stop in and check out Trinidad’s fruits, veggies, wildlife, and even experience a river lime. We provide some unique and interactive experiences such as our 9-hole mini golf course, tilapia fishing, caiman pond, educational tours and other special events.

At Maracas Bay Agri Tourism Park we have 3 main goals.

In General: Promoting the various kinds of Agriculture found in Trinidad and Tobago to locals and tourists by providing an interactive and educational experience.

Local: Providing a friendly and safe environment where Trini’s can come to relax with their family and friends.

Tourism: Providing a friendly and safe environment where tourists can come to learn about Trinidad and Tobago’s Agriculture, Wildlife and Cultural customs. Also to serve as an outlet for tourists to socialize and have fun with local Trini’s.

Gone Green!

Gone Green!
At Maracas Bay Agri Tourism Park we employ various techniques in our day to day activities that are beneficial to the environment.

Awareness - to visitors to the park and this website

Natural and Recycled Building Materials - all huts and the main ranch was built from reused wood.

– for organic wastes

/ Insecticides – biological derived fertilizers

Waste Management
- reducing waste, reusing materials and taking waste to the recycling factory

What is Gone Green! to Maracas Bay Agri Tourism Park?
For us being Green means to be environmentally conscious with decisions. We view this in a moderate way and try our best to maintain a balance among business, the environment and costs.

There are obviously some things that are not possible in regards to meeting business objectives and safety for guests, however the fact that we are aware and are consciously trying to have least possible impact on the environment is the main point.

We believe being Green should be fun and stress free. We are aware that change is a gradual process and will only be adopted if it is so. For us it is not about taking it to extremes where one becomes uncomfortable or make others uncomfortable. It is not a competition to see how many faults you can find in another person who by the way is trying to do something to benefit the world and everyone in it; for us it is about making as many people as we can, aware of the environment, nature and sustainability in their daily choices. We are on the planet together and we should do as much as we can for the natural environment while maintaining happiness in ourselves and our friends.

Click here for more information on Gone Green! and how to get your school or buinesses involved.

Join our Facebook page so you can hear of the latest news in Gone Green! and win promotional gifts just for supporting us. Click here for our Facebook page and Click on "Become a Fan" to add us to your page for future easy access. On our Facebook page you can participate in Discussions about the program and help others get started or see new ways to have a positive impact on the environment.


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