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Park Attractions

Maracas Bay Agri Tourism Park offers many interesting and educational activities for guests and members. We are always working to maintain and improve our facilities. We strongly suggest calling us in advance at 305-0489 to reserve your space or make an appointment for a special event.

Tropical Agriculture
We have various kinds of agriculture at the park, including citrus fields, sugar cane, vegetables, ornamentals, herbs and aquaculture (Tilapia and Cascadura.)

Exotic Fruits, Flowers and Plants
Around the park we have various Mango varieties; Papaya; Barbadines; Passion Fruit; Longhorn; Pomegranate; West Indian Cherry; Sugar Apple; Coconut Trees; Pomerac; Rambutan; Plantain and Bananas, Cashews, Star Fruit; etc

Flowering red, white and pink Ginger Lilies, various Orchids, Heliconias, Caladiums and Anthuriums.

Bamboos: Local Green, Buddha Belly, Black Bamboo, Hawaiian Painted Bamboo and more.

Various varieties of Crotons, Coleus and Palms.

Cayman & Fish Ponds
Cayman(Caiman) Pond - this is an especially rare site for visitors. The Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodiles) is a crocodilian reptile native to Trinidad. We have Tilapia and Cascadura ponds.

Various Native Wildlife
We have a small collection of native wildlife such as parakeets; pigeons; caimans; fishes; crayfish; lizards; humming birds; parrots; doves and more.

Island Style Fire-Side Cooking (special event)
On special events and holidays we have Fireside-cooking demonstrations, where you can learn the techniques of Fireside cooking and partying on the River, a “River Lime”.

“Chocolates” Children Playground
Bring the Kiddies, we have facilities for them to play and learn about nature. There is a small pool to cool down, swings and a sand box.

9 Hole Mini Golf
We offer a 9 Hole Mini Golf course made of turf and filled with all kind of obstacles.  You can practice your putting skills or play against other players.

Educational Tours
Our educational tours must be scheduled a few days in advance. Please call us at 305-0489 for your booking.

Tilapia Fishing
We offer fishing for everyone! This is catch and release though. Our ponds are stocked with 3 types of tilapia, Red, Black and Silver all are very beautiful fishes that are farmed locally.  Just bring yourself, we provide poles, hooks, bait and net.

River Limes
Yes Trini’s, we have a river and cabanas equipped with chulha's (cooking fire places), tables and benches.  You will need to book the cabanas in advance! So call us at 305-0489 to make sure your space is reserved. If you want a chef or all foods catered we can provide that service while you enjoy the park activities. Just give us a call and we can work out the details. 305-0489.

We have some barbecue pits on the premises for families or small groups of friends that may want to do some grilling.  If you feel like taking a drive up Maracas in the middle of the day to have a little picnic with your family, a cookout with a few friends, or just with your special someone… we have areas with benches, umbrellas and barbeque pits for small groups.

Camping Ground
Yes, you can sleep over if you want. We have campsites, tents and modern bathrooms and showering facilities. You just need to show up and bring your toothbrush and some clothes. There is a watchman on the premises throughout the night.  Coming out on a full moon is the best time. We have special night-time activities like a hike into the nearby jungle and streams that are loaded with lobster sized crayfish and crabs.

Bonfire Lime™ (4:30pm – 9:30pm) *by reservation
On Saturday evenings we have an all-inclusive party on the park grounds. We serve drinks and local food like Corn Soup, Bar B Que, Rice and more. On very special occasions we serve exotic cuisine (curry duck, wild meat like lap, deer, agouti, iguanas etc.) This is perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries and other special occasions. We provide music and occasionally live music.


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