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Gone Green

Gone Green!

Gone Green! is a campaign that is centered on promoting the protection of the earth’s natural ecosystems and sustainable human development within them.

Gone Green! is a part of the global green initiative and focuses on teaching children and adults about the environmental issues facing the world and the steps that they can take to help resolve them. It takes changes in thinking towards what is a great quality of life and changes in attitude towards the environment. This change is something that costs nothing, saves money and ensures that the earth will be a healthy place for everyone to enjoy.

Maracas Bay Agri Tourism Park is a leader in promoting the Gone Green! message.
We have developed educational programs for visitors and we post supplemental information to our web site so participants can have access to information they can use right now and continue to learn about developments.

Gone Green! is dedicated to educating the youth about this sustainable lifestyle and offer this program to students on school field trips for no additional cost. If you are a student or teacher give us a call to find out how your school can get involved.

We welcome everyone:

  • School field trips for all levels and ages of students
  • Business / Corporate Retreats
  • Religious Retreats
  • Family Outings

We can have groups of up to 150 persons at a time and we can cater food and drinks if desired.

The program covers the major topics that must be addressed and are specific to Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Agri-Tourism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste Management

Contact us for scheduling a visit!

*If you or your business would like to become a sponsor of the program please contact us to find out about the future developments planned and how your can be involved and associated with Gone Green!

Join our Facebook page so you can hear of the latest news in Gone Green! and win promotional gifts just for supporting us. Click here for our Facebook page and Click on "Become a Fan" to add us to your page for future easy access. On our Facebook page you can participate in Discussions about the program and help others get started or see new ways to have a positive impact on the environment. You can also upload your pictures of the park, leave comments / suggestions / questions and you can read about our latest news or park promotions.
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